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Black-Hat SEO

What does Black Hat SEO mean

Black Hat SEO is a technique in which SEOs use dubious practices to drive traffic to a website through better rankings. These are methods that violate the Google Guidelines, unlike the White Hats. By using Black Hat SEO, the results can be manipulated on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and a relevant result output is no longer guaranteed.

This has meant that Google has further expanded its search algorithm, especially with the Panda and the Penguin Update. Black Hat SEO methods can now be revealed faster and the search engine can act accordingly.

The White Hats are the counterpart to the Black Hats. They do not violate any of the Google Guidelines. However, violating one of the Google Guidelines is usually unavoidable, as link building can quickly be classified as unnatural. Google has therefore developed a procedure that tolerates and rates the violations of its policies to a certain extent. These methods are known as gray hat SEO. However, how long Google classifies the link building of a URL as Gray Hat SEO, however, is undefined for the website operator.

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Khalil Agheli Zadeh executive director
Khalil Agheli Zadeh
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Origin and functionality

The term Black Hat was derived from the villain of the Western movies. There, the villain usually wore a black hat during a duel. Since Black Hat methods manipulate the results output of a search engine, they are rated something bad and are equated in this sense with the villain of a western film.

Today, search engines are increasingly being used to research information, so website owners are also keen to position themselves on the SERPs accordingly. However, since the positioning on the SERPs can not be influenced, it often helps with dubious practices. However, these methods are considered a violation of the Google Guidelines and are therefore referred to as black hat SEO.

The Black Hat methods are used, for example, to strengthen the link popularity or Domainpopularität a website in order to achieve a corresponding ranking result on the SERP. Often the Black Hat methods are not directly recognized by search engines. However, once recognized, the URL threatens to be punished or removed from the index.

There are different ways to operate black hat SEO. Here are some of the most common Black Hat SEO methods:

  • Links can be provided on link farms for other websites. The provided links are mostly in the footer. Suspicious is usually a domain that has an above average number of outbound links. Frequently, links originating from the footer are considered spam by a search engine as they are often not relevant content.
  • Automatically log into forums and place links using a programmed Black Hat SEO software
  • Expired domains whose term was not renewed are purchased on the occasion of their trust and used to set links
  • SEOs build a blog network through cross-linking, ie the mutual linking of websites. This method is called Private Blog Network.
  • The Article Spinning is a method in which, through an automated software, existing articles are equipped with new unique content. However, an automatic text change can also lead to a lower-quality content, since the content can sometimes no longer be consistent.
  • In order to exclude a direct competitor, the negative search engine optimization is often used. SEOs set thereby Spamlinks, which are to refer to the competing URL. The goal is to throw the URL out of the search engine index.
  • Links are purchased to increase link popularity.
  • Using the Cloaking method, the search engine is presented with a website that differs from the website the user sees.
  • Websites are placed between the actual landing page to receive more traffic. This method is called Doorway Pages.
  • Hidden text is the setting of a text that remains hidden from the user. For the search engine, however, he is readable.

In order to be more effective against Black Hat methods, Google has further developed its search algorithm. With the introduction of the Panda and Penguin updates, Google Black Hat detects methods even faster and can act accordingly.