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Our SEO Content Service is an essential part of our SEO Campaigns. Of course, he is also available separately.

After we have selected the keywords together and your page structure has been optimized by us for a better indexing by the search engines. Begins the work of our editors and authors of the SEO Content Team.

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Khalil Agheli Zadeh
executive director
Khalil Agheli Zadeh
executive director

Primarily, our experts in the agency always create SEO content from two perspectives:

Send the visitor your desired marketing message
Targeted use of keywords to support your ranking and visitor traffic.

For this purpose, our SEO content team first of all views the existing contents of your website. Then we optimize the keyword density and revise – if you want it after a detailed consultation – the structures or the layout of your pages. Of course, our optimization is geared to the individual features and peculiarities that offer your sale to the visitor.

The optimal connection between visitor-oriented texts and optimal use of keywords is what distinguishes our SEO content service.

What is important to avoid are contents that consist only of the juxtaposition of keywords and phrases, after all, people should use your offer and not search engines. There is also the risk that the search engine operator recognize this and penalize the page.

Not least because of this, this method can even have a counterproductive effect on your sales. Since we offer a high and above all long-term quality, we work with texts for the visitor – because every visitor is a potential customer.

Use the experience of our SEO Content Team. Our authors and copywriters have already written more than 33,000 texts (over 200 words) for websites with a wide variety of topics.

What sets our SEO content service apart from others:
Our editors and authors do not use phrases or dubious Black Hat SEO tactics to compromise long-term success with a small milestone goal. You get from us professionally created SEO content of:

Your search terms are seamlessly linked to informative and attention-grabbing offer descriptions.
Includes the search terms in an optimal way
unique content warranty.

We present a strong marketing message to ensure positive feedback from visitors.

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