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SEO workshops by SEO Deutschland

Creating resources

Understanding principles.
Avoiding errors.
Optimizing procedures.

Among these core aspects, SEO Deutschland organizes its SEO workshops. In doing so, we convey everything essential in the sense of a holistic Internet Marketing concept. In the course of time, the topics have changed more and more (universal search, social media marketing, etc.) and now no longer concern only pure search engine optimization or only search engine marketing.

In our workshop, we are always individually tailored to your market environment on the Internet and your specific options in this new medium.

Your contact person

Khalil Agheli Zadeh executive director
Khalil Agheli Zadeh
executive director

An SEO Workshop by SEO Deutschland
Before each workshop, the SEO Deutschland page analysis takes place, and consequently, the personal conversation with those responsible. Among other things, we inform ourselves about the objective and target group of the offer and the available resources in the company.

Following this interview, the page analysis will then take place, giving us a comprehensive picture of your internet presence, any deficits and your specific market environment on the Internet. On the basis of this data, as well as the available resources we develop for you a strategic and holistic search engine marketing concept for the future.

Step by step to success
When presenting the results of the page analysis, we will discuss the current state of the website together with you and discuss our concept. Everything that you need for the implementation of the concept, for example with regard to link building, the creation of content or monitoring, just to name a few examples, is provided in the following SEO workshops.

The personal atmosphere, concrete case studies and practice-oriented knowledge will help you in our SEO workshop to quickly understand principles and to apply the acquired knowledge into your daily work.

Some topics of our workshops for companies were:

SEM Workshop – paid listings and SEO in a holistic context
Universal search – recognize opportunities and use all sources
Content workshop – generate content and present it optimally
Link building workshop – find and rate link sources
SEO workshop – link building and link baiting in own context
SEO workshop – principles and solutions for optimal integration into the workflow

On request, we also take over the realization of parts of the concept, such as the creation of content, support of social media campaigns or link building, until the corresponding InHouse resources can do it themselves.

SEO workshops are an ideal way for companies to build their own Internet marketing resources and / or understand relationships and deepen knowledge. Take advantage of the tremendous potential offered by the Internet and learn how to use your resources in a profitable and goal-oriented manner.

Are you also interested in a workshop by SEO Deutschland? Then use this contact form to contact us or give us a call.

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