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SEO Tools

SEO tools of SEO Deutschland

SEO tools require all those who have ambitions in the SEO field or want to try their hand at SEO. Even specialists like us, appreciate the help of some SEO tools!

Many of these SEO tools are available as extensions for the browser (usually Firefox), while others can be accessed and used on a URL.

Despite my own positive experience, I do not want to put any of my recommended SEO tools above other freely available tools. For one, there are so many different tools that I can not even know every one. And on the other hand, I believe that every SEO has its own experience with SEO tools and that one gets very used to the operation of the tool and the form of the result presentation over time.

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Khalil Agheli Zadeh executive director
Khalil Agheli Zadeh
executive director

Here is a brief overview of useful SEO tools:

First useful information about a website can be found here (works mostly with larger pages):

To measure the loading times:

To see the keyword density:

Domain age:

Validation for optimal indexing and barrier poverty:

More information about a website:

In-depth information about domains:

Link checker:

Unfortunately, a normal browser does not provide me with all the necessary information that I need for a sensible view of a website. Key features such as PageRank, Alexa Rank or whether the outgoing links are marked with the nofollow attribute on the displayed web page is revealed to me first by the Firefox add-on:
SearchStatus 1.25 von Craig Raw

An ingenious tool that quickly shows you all the relevant parameters about the currently visited website.

For the installation:
Using Firefox, visit the specified URL on and add the add-on to your browser. After installing and restarting Firefox, the extension is available.

If you would like to use the functions, move your mouse pointer over the SearchStatus symbol in the lower area of ​​your browser and press the right mouse pointer. If you have questions about the tool, you can mail us.

Header Checker

Search engine optimization finds its application already at the first exchange of information between server and client (browser). The header checker gives you information about the issued HTTP status code of your domain. Essentially, it is only about the forwarding of the subdomain “www“.

The well-known “www” is basically just a subdomain. Similarly, one could also use “iii” or “mmm“. The average Internet user got used to the spelling of a URL, with “www” at the beginning. That’s why every traffic-endeavoring site operator must also be able to access his domain via the subdomain in addition to the actual

In addition, Google treats subdomains as separate domains. In order not to run the risk that your site will be punished because of “duplicated content”, an HTTP status code 301 should be issued. The HTTP status code 302 (moved temporarily) should be avoided as far as possible.

To see if your domain is search engine friendly, you can use the header checker of SEO consultants.

Simply enter your domain with www and check the forwarding.

Header Checker from
Alternatively, the header check of is available in German and with explanations of the individual codes. The application remains the same.

Backlink Check
Here are some free tools to check the backlinks of a domain or URL.