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Usability Test – From the visitor to the customer

The touchstone of success
The usability test of SEO Germany is an excellent way to detect usability problems of your internet presence. An old wisdom among webmasters and programmers states: “A website should always be designed for the dumbest user.”

Although Internet users are not alien beings, they often tend to act differently than the operators of a website wish.


The product range is not fully perceived.
Ordering processes not completed.
Hardly new registrations.

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Khalil Agheli Zadeh executive director
Khalil Agheli Zadeh
executive director

The result is a low conversion rate and no success in daily business. The reasons can be usability problems. The best way to solve this problem involves the perspective of a user. Small hurdles sometimes prevent great success.

The usability test of SEO Germany

The usability test of SEO Germany is always done with real users. In order to imitate the realistic behavior of a user, we attach particular importance to the selection of our testers. We always try to take these directly from the target group, to which you also address your offer.

The user performs realistic requirements in interaction with your website in the usability test of SEO Germany and thus reveals all the existing difficulties.

In short, let’s test the usability of your applications.

With the possibility of documenting the direct behavior of a user, you receive valuable information to improve your offer.

The result of the SEO Germany Usability Test

As a result of the usability test you will receive from SEO Germany a report that shows you all detected usability problems. At the same time we also give you direct recommendations for solutions that solve the problems. Upon request, we will also develop a new concept for a relaunch of your website.

Of course, the experts of SEO Germany will also be available for implementing the concepts in programming and design.

The best time for a usability test

A usability test should always be included in the development process. After all, your offer applies to the user and potential customers!

In addition, it is of course usually much easier and often cheaper, if existing usability problems are detected and eliminated in the early stages. Of course, usability tests can be done at any other time:

In the development stage for the coordination of the information architecture
In the conception phase based on functional prototypes
After a relaunch of the internet presence
On existing websites to check the usability

If you would like to know more about usability or a free and non-binding offer, then please use this contact form.

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