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Definition of Keyworddensity

Keyword Density

The keyword density describes the frequency of occurrence of a keyword (search term) within the content or text of a website. In particular, text-based search engines (e.g., Google) rate keyword density as one of the outstanding factors to make relevant to the user’s search query.

It is important to mention in this context that the keyword density of a website is not just the occurrence of the keyword (s) in the text portions, but also in links, image tags and the like. Just take a look at the source text of the page and check the occurrence of the keywords here.

Keyword density value

The value of the keyword density in texts is always given in percentages, which then refers to the respective total number of words on the page.

For example, if the term mobile appears twice in a 200-page webpage text, then the text has a keyword density of 1 percent for the term mobile.

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