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Link Popularity

The link popularity of a domain is determined by the number and quality of the links referring to the domain. In addition, the link popularity is an important factor for search engines to determine the ranking of the domain.

In addition, search engines are quicker to find out about a new page when they refer outbound links from other websites. Basically it can be said: The more external links refer to your web presence, the higher your content will be rated. For search engines, links generally represent a recommendation. It is clear to everyone that this ideal has changed noticeably in times of entry services, link farms and banner deserts. Quality differences for links have crystallized out.

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Khalil Agheli Zadeh executive director
Khalil Agheli Zadeh
executive director

Link popularity in transition

A few years ago, the sheer number of links pointing to a page was a guarantee that the page received top rankings on the search engine results pages, but that’s changed now. If certain factors in link building are ignored, many referring links may even be a reason for the page being penalized.

Like almost everything else in search engine optimization, there are no consistent benchmarks for success, too often weighting and rating are changed by individual factors. The reasons for this lie in the constant efforts of the search engines to further optimize their search processes and thus to provide their users with better (that is, more suitable) results.

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